We are family

We are small family business. We do what we love and love what we do! 

Anta Gailiša

Founder and head of the company. Sometimes she sews and embroiders for fun, but she prefers to weave belts from handicrafts. Giving gentle saunas for ladies and babies she loves the most. She approaches everyone with a very personal attitude and care.

Anta Gailiša

Dimatere Reklaite

Professional folk artist for more than 45 years. Dimatere sews, embroiders and weaves. Creates incredibly delicate and elaborate works of art from thread and yarn. Her works have been on every continent except Antarctica (as far as we know).


Patrīcija does everything. She sews, paints, makes websites, takes photos, everything... unprofessionally.

"My goal is to help find peace within ourselves"

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok - @gleznoju



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